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Tracking student immunizations is time consuming and program administrators spend too much of their valuable time on these tedious administrative tasks. But it’s a chore that needs to be done in order to ensure your program remains compliant with the requirements of various clinical sites. But VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening can help you significantly reduce the amount of time spent on these administrative tasks and keep your program compliant.

The solution is our unique immunization tracking service ImmuniTrax™. With ImmuniTrax™, you can track each student’s immunization history and the tedious administrative work is done for you for you.

Compliance without Compromise

Colleges and universities assume immediate liability for the health of their students. With ImmuniTrax™, Corporate Screening pioneered a new way for institutions to track and fulfill student vaccination and health form requirements online. ImmuniTrax™ will help you create efficiency, reduce your costs, and ensure compliance with campus, hospital and state health regulations.

Using ImmuniTrax™, you’ll easily and affordably move your organization away from paper forms to a customized web-based solution. Plus, ImmuniTrax™ is safe and secure, exceeding HIPAA and FERPA requirements. Contact us for more information about Immunitrax.

ImmuniTrax™ is part of the VerifyStudents product line. VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening provides students with the reliable background checks they need for their clinical rotations, as performed by Corporate Screening, a leading background check provider.  ImmuniTrax™ provides the immunization and health form tracking mandated by clinical sites.