Tracking immunizations can be a time consuming task for program administrators. That’s why VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening offers the ImmuniTrax™ student immunization tracking product. Powered by Medicat, ImmuniTrax™ is customized for each school and academic program, and it eliminates the need for manual tracking.

Some recent enhancements by Medicat have made ImmuniTrax™ even better. These enhancements include:

  • Enhanced export capabilities now allow administrators to more easily export student data into Excel.
  • A new rules engine is capable of calculating requirements based on customized rules of institution. This allows requirements to be calculated based on date of birth, age and conditional date requirements.
    • This includes custom options (i.e. the second TB Skin Test must be administered within one month of the first TB Skin Test).
  • Enhanced secure messaging module that consolidates all messages into one easy to access unit for easier access and monitoring.
  • Improved sorting capabilities provide easier viewing of student health information by client administrators.
  • A “mouse over” feature provides a full description of each health requirement simply by hovering the mouse over the individual requirement.
  • The custom audit feature lets clients review all changes made to a profile by providing a full description of each change, along with a date/time stamp.
  • And finally, additional access controls creates added security by designating specific roles within an organization for accessing student health information.

For more information about ImmuniTrax™ and how it can save you time and money, please call 888-464-0621 or email us at