Directors of Allied Health Science programs are well aware that prior to students performing clinical rotations, they need to undergo a background check. Yet each clinical site may have different requirements, which can create a heavy administrative load. Finding the right background screening partner can help ease that burden.

In this two part series, VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening offers some considerations that program administrators should consider when selecting a background screening provider for their student background verifications. Today we will turn our attention to industry expertise. On Friday we will offer considerations regarding products, client expertise, cost and customer service.

Company Philosophy

What is the firm’s background screening philosophy? Administrators should look for a professional firm, not just the cheapest one. Make sure that the organization you choose has integrity, strong ethics, as well as the expertise to provide sound consultation and professional service.

Industry Knowledge

How knowledgeable is the background screening provider? An in-depth knowledge of the industry is critical. There are many laws and regulations surrounding student background checks, and the background screening company needs to fully comply with these laws and regulations. The company you select should also have a firm understanding of your clinical partners’ requirements to ensure that you are in strict compliance with your clinical contract. This is an area where corners are frequently cut, which can place you in jeopardy of breaching your clinical site agreement.

Data Security and Privacy

How does the company address issues such as data security and privacy? This is an important consideration because the information contained in background screening reports is confidential and needs to be protected. Only persons who are directly involved in the student screening process should have access to this information. It’s important that administrators make sure that the background screening company has processes in place to ensure student confidentiality and protection.


A standard that program directors should factor in is whether or not the background screening company is accredited. Industry accreditation is by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), and only a handful of organizations have taken the steps to do this. Accreditation is a sign that the background screening company is committed to providing customers with a high level of product and service standards, consumer protection, compliance with laws and regulations, as well as its commitment to excellence.

In the next part, we will review the additional factors outside of industry knowledge and expertise that program administrators should consider when selecting a background screening company for their student background checks.