On Wednesday, VerifyStudents provided program administrators of Allied Health Science programs with some considerations when selecting a student background check provider. We looked at issues such as ethics, professional expertise, industry knowledge, confidentiality and personal protection, and accreditation. Today we’ll review additional factors, beginning with products and services.

Products and Services

What products and services does the company offer? There are many features to consider, from basic background checks to immunization tracking and drug screening. Some background screening companies offer schools a wide range of services from which to choose, while others are more limited. What are your needs? For example, if you are still tracking immunizations using a spreadsheet, there are immunization-tracking products such as VerifyStudents’ ImmuniTrax™ that can do this work far more efficiently, which frees administrators to use their time to attend to other important responsibilities.

Healthcare Experience

As an allied health program director or administrator, your expertise is in healthcare. Choosing a student background provider that has experience in the healthcare industry should be a priority. A provider that doesn’t work with hospitals or clinical sites may not understand the unique background screening needs of hospitals and clinical sites that is essential to keep your program compliant. When you interview prospective background screening companies, make sure you find out what healthcare experience the organization brings to the table.

Customer Service

What is the screening provider’s customer service like? Does it provide a high level of customer service, consulting and training? The data provided in the screening report is just one piece of the puzzle. Your background screening provider should be able to accurately assess what your program’s screening needs are by working with you and your clinical sites. Responsiveness to your needs is another important factor. Your account representative should be easy to reach and able to answer your questions and provide you with training or information that you need.


We all have to do more with less these days. Competitive pricing is important, but it may not be the best solution if you select your background screening provider with lowest cost as the main factor. What are you getting for your money? Accurate screening, a high level of service and responsiveness, highly trained employees and adherence to industry laws and regulations are very important considerations in addition to pricing.

As you can see, there are many factors that should be researched when a program director is considering a background screening provider. As with anything, the cheapest product may not be worth the money spent.