Sometimes students wonder if there really is any benefit to having a student background check. Today we’ll review three reasons how a background check can be helpful for students.

First, if you’re a student with a criminal record, you may not be able to get a professional license once you complete your academic program. This is especially important with the high cost of education, as well as the time that students spend obtaining a degree. Getting your student background check can let you know if you are able to work in the field after graduation or not.

Second, hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission. They keep background check reports on file for everyone who provides patient care – employees, volunteers, students. If this information is not available, their certification may be at risk.

And finally, old convictions eligible to be expunged may still be on record, and the student may not be aware of it. A background check can bring this to light, and a student can then request to have it expunged.