Drug testing is becoming an important part of the student background check process to avoid potential liabilities. Some hospitals and clinical sites require drug testing as part of the background screening process. There are a number of reasons this is done, from protecting patients to reducing the chance of on-site theft and abuse of prescription drugs.


While necessary for many programs, drug screening administration can be time consuming for college program administrators. Paper chain of custody documents, outdated collection sites, and payment issues can make for a lot of administrative work.


Paperless drug screening from VerifyStudents offers an easier way for schools to manage the drug screening process. Our self-schedule option lets students locate and schedule their drug tests at nearby approved collection sites, and they pay for their testing directly through VerifyStudents.


To further the integrity of the testing process, schools set “expiration dates” that require the drug tests to be performed within a specified period of time from the date the student registers for the test. And the results of the drug screen tests are integrated with the background screening report, and available online.


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