It’s not new news – hospitals and other clinical sites are well aware that the Joint Commission’s (formerly JCAHO) guidelines, H.R. 1.20, require students to undergo criminal background checks if required by state law, regulation or hospital policy ( Allied health program directors who work with multiple clinical sites may find that different clinical sites have different background screening requirements. Ensuring that students meet these requirements can be a juggling act for administrators.


To ensure that each site’s unique requirements are met, schools should avoid student background screening organizations that use a cookie cutter approach. The background checks by these companies may not meet the requirements of all sites. Instead, look for an organization that will work with you and your clinical sites to examine all of the requirements and make sure that your students’ background checks encompass them.


Student background checks through VerifyStudents meet clinical site requirements because of our approach to quality and accuracy – both in the content of the report but also in how we go about ensuring that the information the report contains is what the program needs. Our team makes it a priority to ensure your program is compliant with all clinical site requirements.