With the fall semester quickly approaching, students in Allied Health Programs who need to do clinical work are busily applying for their background checks. Our Customer Service professionals offer some helpful information that can save students time and hassle.


Credit Card Payments

Sometimes students accidentally pay for background screening multiple times. This can occur for various reasons, such as they are unsure whether the payment went through, or they thought they entered incorrect payment information. Stop! Don’t re-enter credit card information again. Instead, call us and see if the information was processed or call your financial institution to find out this information.


Ordering a Second Background Check

If a student already had a background check done through VerifyStudents and needs to order a second one, they don’t need to start from scratch. Click on the “Login/Report Retrieval” button at the top of the VerifyStudents home page to access the account. If students cannot remember what email address they used, their User ID or password, all they need to do is click on the “Forgot Login” button at the bottom of the login page, and they will be prompted to enter identification that will help them access their account. From there they can order the new report.


Leaving VerifyStudents.com  Before Completing the Background Check

Sometimes circumstances arise and a student cannot complete the background check application and need to leave the website. In this case, the student has already created an account, so when they are ready to resume the process, they just need to log in again. Clicking on the “Login/Report Retrieval” button, students will use the same process that was outlined above. Important – do not start ordering a new report. Instead, click on the button to resume the application process.


Is My Background Check Complete?

We know how important it is to students that they know when their background checks are complete. By logging into their account, students can observe the status of the background at a glance. If the application is incomplete, it will say so directly on the student dashboard. Once the application is completed and the background check is in progress, the status will say pending. And when the report is complete, students will receive an email message letting them know. They also have the option of receiving a text message with this information, and finally, when they log in to their account, the status will say the background is complete.