Allied health administrators at colleges and universities that place students at multiple clinical sites have a lot to juggle. Student background checks are just another thing that needs to be done. With all that needs to be done, what may get overlooked is that clinical sites may have different background screening requirements.


One hallmark of a good student background provider is that it works with each of the school’s hospitals and clinics to understand each one’s unique and necessary site requirements. Relying on a standardized package of background screening products and services is not enough. Instead, customizing the student background package to include all site prerequisites means that the program is compliant with all requirements.


At VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening, one of the most important steps in our process is to assess your needs correctly. Our representatives team with both the school and the clinical site to review all requirements. This step is just one more reason why using VerifyStudents ensures that your student background reports are comprehensive, accurate and compliant with clinical site standards.