On August 1, 2013, the University of Minnesota expanded its background checks, according to the Minnesota Daily. Going forward, all new hired, faculty members changing positions and volunteers interacting with minors in University programs will have a background check that includes a social security number trace, federal criminal background check, as well as a review of the sex offender registry and county criminal records.


In 2012, the Work Group on the Safety of Minors was started in order to develop a plan for improving the safety of the estimated 200,000 minors that visit the campus each year. The new background check policy is in line with the policy created by the Work Group.


In the past, volunteers and most student employees did not have to have a background check. But now, if they interact with minors, they will need to undergo one.


The University of Minnesota is yet another school that is working hard at trying to provide a safe campus for minors. While background checks can’t guarantee safety, they certainly may help prevent bad incidents from happening.