How does your school track student immunizations? Are you still using a manual tracking process such as an Excel spreadsheet?


We’ve talked to many program administrators, and what we’re hearing is that tracking student immunizations is a labor-intensive process that eats up valuable staff time. Even schools using a software solution find issues with the accuracy of the information.


The VerifyStudents solution for tracking student immunizations is ImmuniTrax™, a unique web-based immunization tracking and compliance system. So why use ImmuniTrax™ over your current process? Here are a few reasons:


Most programs that track using a manual process use an Excel spreadsheet. Using a spreadsheet generates a lot of paper, and it can be difficult to follow up in order ensure all student immunizations remain current and the student obtains any necessary additional immunizations.


Even other software immunization tracking solutions are lacking. Although they can track immunizations, the other aspect of managing immunizations – compliance – is often not up to par.

We hear complaints that the products have trouble ensuring that the information is compliant with clinical site requirements. For example, a student shows up to the clinical site with the a CPR certification but it is the wrong one.


ImmuniTrax™ eases the burden placed on administrators tracking immunizations, and ensures that the student is compliant with clinical site requirements. Our partner has over 20 years in the industry, and ImmuniTrax™ benefits include:

  • A reduced administrative load. Students download and submit their own forms and track the status of them, saving valuable administrative time.
  • Experts review uploaded student forms. This ensures that they are up-to-date and meet clinical requirements.
  • Easy online access. Administrators can view and manage all student forms and records online, track student progress and send messages to students via the secure messaging center. The process not only saves administrative time, but also reduces the amount of paper generated through manual systems.
  • An automated reminder system. ImmuniTrax™’s automated system tracks the progress of series-based immunizations and immunization expiration dates, and sends reminders to students when they need to follow up. This keeps students up-to-date with the necessary clinical requirements.


If you’re not using ImmuniTrax™ to track your student immunizations, find out what it can do for you. Contact us by phone at 800-229-8606 or email us at to learn how you can reduce the amount of time your staff spends tracking immunizations, so they can focus on the other business at hand.