Colleges and universities that use VerifyStudents find our student background screening products are easy to use, reliable and save them valuable administrative time that can be put to use in other areas. Through VerifyStudents, Corporate Screening has become one of the top providers in the United States of background screening for students in health science curriculums.


We’ve recently published blogs about universities that have updated their background screening policies for employees, student workers and volunteers. Although our VerifyStudents product is designed for students in Allied Health programs, Corporate Screening can also assist schools that want to implement or update their background check policies for employees and volunteers.


Corporate Screening is an industry leader in pre-employment screening and background investigation for employers and schools. We deliver customized and accurate background information to human resources and corporate security professionals based on their unique needs.


For more information about what Corporate Screening can do to assist you with your school’s employee background screening program, contact us toll-free at 800-229-8606 or email us at