If you’re an Allied Health program administrator reading this blog, it’s highly probable that your school requires students to undergo background checks prior to doing clinical work. As such, one of your main concerns is (or should be) the quality of the information that you receive in the student background report.


There are many criminal databases used in background screening, and they contain a myriad of information. That’s great, but there’s a down side – the information found in a database may be outdated or is possibly incomplete. It’s not enough to just pull information about someone from a database – any information that is found needs to be verified by digging deeper.


Unfortunately, there are background screening companies that just report on the information that it finds in a criminal database and don’t take the extra step to verify the information. As an NAPBS accredited background screening company, Corporate Screening sets a premium on ensuring our clients get the most complete and accurate information available. Our student background checks through VerifyStudents.com contain quality information, since we take that extra step to verify any information we find. Doesn’t your program deserve that type of service?