On January 16, 2014, the Michigan Daily reported that a new centralized background checks policy for employees, students and volunteers working with children in child-related programs. The policy replaces one in which each department that managed a program had its own policies, and it now requires national background checks.


A concern that was addressed by the change in policy stemmed from background checks that only covered offenses in the state of Michigan. The new policy will have check the employee’s criminal background as well as the national sex offender registry in the states in which the employee/applicant has lived in the past seven years.


In addition, under the new policy, all programs catering to children on campus must be registered in a university-wide registry.


This is another example of a school reviewing its background policies and making changes in order to protect those on campus. It serves as a reminder that ongoing review of background policies and procedures is necessary. If you would like assistance in reviewing your current background program or establishing one, please contact us at 800-229-8606 or email us at Sales@CorporateScreening.com.