Allied Health program directors, when you’re searching for a company for your student background screening program, what are some of the things you look for?  We’ve made some recommendations in other blogs, such as working with a company that assesses your needs and provides you with a customized program, rather than a standardized one. Another important consideration is accreditation – your school goes through this process, shouldn’t your student background provider adhere to the same type of high standards?


Along with the above, another important consideration is the features and benefits of the product you are selecting. Here are just a couple of additional things you may want to consider during the process:


Will there be any fees that your school will incur with that background provider? Find out up front by asking what types of fees your program may incur. Colleges and universities that use VerifyStudents know there are no associated hidden costs to their school – they don’t pay set-up fees, and don’t need any special software.


How easy is it for students to use? How about staff? VerifyStudents uses a technology platform that students easily navigate. They enter their information and pay for their background directly online, guided by an easy-to-follow interface. And administrators are able to login anytime, 24/7, to monitor the program in real time. VerifyStudents also keeps administrators up-to-date with notifications when cases are opened and closed.


When you’re shopping for a student background screening solutions, you know to do your research and learn about the company providing the service. And bear in mind that not all solutions are the same, so question each provider about the features and benefits of their product.