Beginning in 2015, the University of Illinois (UI) will implement a new policy that requires background checks for all new hires, according to the News-Gazette. Under the current policy, the school does background checks on employees who work with children or hold “security-sensitive” positions, which includes positions working with cash or university funds, hospital employees and others involved in patient care, and police officers or those who work with firearms.


The university’s current background policy was developed in 2012, but there are some issues that need to be addressed by the new policy. For example, while the school’s three campuses have similar policies, how they are implemented vary by campus. A panel has been appointed that will recommend one policy for all campuses, as well as a consistent set of procedures. The new background screening recommendations will be made to the university’s Board of Trustees in November, and implemented between January and March of 2015.


Taking the time to regularly review and revise background screening policies is something Corporate Screening recommends. It appears UI is doing so regularly, and implementing changes to better protect the people it serves.