There are two schools of thought held by providers of student background screening. First, there are companies that offer one standard background package that serves all needs. This can be termed a “cookie cutter” approach to student background screening. The second is a unique approach, in which the background provider assesses your school’s needs, as well as those of the clinical site(s) where your students get their clinical experience and ensures that the needs of all are met.


As you may imagine, the “cookie cutter” approach first described can be problematic, as the student background checks may not meet the requirements of all sites. Allied Health Program directors at colleges and universities should look for background providers that address their program’s unique situation.


Student background checks by VerifyStudents meet school and site requirements because of our company’s approach to quality and accuracy. Corporate Screening believes that it’s not just enough to provide accurate content in a report. The information the report contain must be what your program needs.


With products that include background screening, paperless drug screening, student immunization tracking and fingerprinting, VerifyStudents can meet all of your program’s needs. We invite you to find out more. Call us at 800-229-8606 or click here to request more information about VerifyStudents student background products and services.