Henderson State University (HSU), located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas is home to more than 3,500 students from across the U.S. Before August 2013, employees were not required to undergo background checks. But new background and drug screening policies at the university have had some surprising results, according to Arkansasmatters.com.

Since implementing the new policies, Elaine Kneebone, General Counsel for HSU, said that there were “some surprising things with criminal backgrounds from people and we’ve made some decisions not to hire some people because of those.” She also noted that since beginning the checks there has been less employee turnover.

The article goes on to compare the policy to that the University of Arkansas System, (which includes six University campuses, five two-year colleges, and additional other divisions and units) and “has an extensive background check policy but it leaves it up to each Campus to determine what positions or if a background check is needed at all.”

While reduced employee turnover may or may not be related to the new policies, the administration at HSU feels confident that the background checks and drug screening requirements adopted by the school help keep the campus safer. And we can all agree that employees, students and guests on campus deserve to be safe.