In an interesting blog in the Bangor Daily News, blogger Matt Boutwell discusses the use of social media as a form of background screening used by college coaches as they recruit high school athletes. Coaches tell him that they Google students and view their social media profiles during the recruiting process.


Bates College soccer coach, Stewart Flaherty said that his program has actually dropped contact with kids they were recruiting who posted offensive things. The blog quotes him: “We have found racist comments on Twitter from kids, and as a result dropped contact,” said Flaherty. “We did not think that train of thought was a good fit for our team, or a good fit for Bates College.  We have also seen homophobic conversations laid out publicly on Twitter, and dropped contact with potential recruits over it.”


Social media is pervasive in this day and age. New social media outlets quickly become the norm. Many times people don’t think about what can happen as a consequence of posting questionable content. And this goes double for young people in high school and college.


Although it’s been said many times before, it bears to be repeated: once something is posted on the web, it is always out there. You don’t know who may be looking, and if they see offensive posts linked to you, potential


Formal background checks are not the only thing people use to find out information about you. Nearly everyone has at one time or another Googled others to find out more about them. What does your online profile look like?