Creating new accounts online is a commonplace occurrence for most people, one that many don’t think twice about. You enter your information and move on with what you need to do. So what happens when you need to come back to the site and you’ve forgotten your password? The answer to that varies by company, but when it happens to a student logging back in to their VerifyStudents account, they are asked to verify their identity by answering their security question.


What security question is used goes back to when a student first creates his or her VerifyStudents account. During the initial information process students are asked to select security questions. Students type in their answers, and the background application process initiates. Later, the providing the correct answer to a security question allows students to reset their password.


Keeping each student’s account secure is of utmost importance. Some of the information contained in a background report may be of a sensitive nature, and you don’t want just anybody to be able to access it. This is why Corporate Screening password protects all of our VerifyStudents accounts and has students provide answers to security questions.


In closing, we would like to offer a couple of suggestions when selecting and answering your security questions:

  • Pick a question that has a definite answer that you will remember. Don’t just select a random question and put in a random answer in order to get started quickly. Most people won’t remember those types of answers when they come back to their account.
  • Check your spelling. If you need to answer the question, the answers must be spelled the same way.