Potential liability means that many hospitals and clinical sites require students doing internships and practicums to have undergone drug testing. Drug screening is one way to protect patients, decrease the chance of staff/students abusing prescription drugs, and it also reduces the occurrence of on-site drug theft.


While the reasons for requiring drug screening are persuasive, handling the administrative side of student drug screening can be burdensome for program administrators. The solution for that is adopting paperless drug testing, offered through the VerifyStudents portfolio of products and services. Switching to paperless drug testing decreases the administrative burden by eliminating paper chain of custody documents, outdated collection sites, as well as issues arising from payment problems.


Features and benefits of paperless drug testing through VerifyStudents include:

  • An online self-schedule option lets students locate and schedule their drug tests at nearby approved collection sites.
  • The ability for schools to set “expiration dates” that require students to complete their drug screening within a designated period set by the school.
  • Payment issues are eliminated, as students pay for their testing directly when they schedule the testing through VerifyStudents. This eliminates the need for them to pay at the collection site or having schools check on payment status.
  • Drug screening results are conveniently integrated with the student’s background report.

To learn more about the features and benefits of paperless drug screening through VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening, we invite you to call 888-464-0621 or click here to complete the information request form located on our School Contact page.