Like many other colleges and universities, Northwest Missouri State University does not require students to undergo background checks in order to be admitted. The school does ask students to self-disclose their criminal past during the admissions process, though. But according to the Northwest Missourian, after a recent stabbing incident that took place on campus in early September, some are questioning this policy.


The policy of self-disclosure has been criticized, and not just at Northwest. It has been called ineffective, since the belief is that many people with a criminal past will choose not to reveal it if just asked. To address this issue, some schools have implemented background checks on so-called “red flag” students, while others check backgrounds of those who live in campus housing.


On the other hand, some object to student background checks because they believe attending college offers students the opportunity to start over again.


While admissions officials at Northwest Missouri State University did not comment, the article states it is unlikely the school’s policy will change anytime soon.


Both sides make valid points. Campus safety should always be a priority. But college also offers a second chance for many people. What do you think – are you on one side or another, or do you think there is a middle-ground on this issue?