A recent shooting at Florida State University’s main library wounded two students and an employee. Reuters reported that the shooter was shot and killed by police near the entrance of the library. As a result, the school increased campus security and cancelled classes the following day.


The unfortunate thing is that this is just another in a series of shooting occurrences that have taken place on campuses throughout the country. Gun rights advocates will say people on campus can better defend themselves by being able to carry arms. Those opposed will say that more guns means to more shooting incidents. Campus officials will review what happened and most likely will create and enact new policies aimed towards keeping the campus safer.


During the process, it is likely that the school will consider background screening as a way to help increase campus safety. While conducting background checks does not guarantee that future violence will not occur, they are a tool that can be used to help improve campus safety for all.


And in the end, isn’t the goal to keep students, staff and others on campuses safe?