Colleges and Universities

VerifyStudents is a product of Corporate Screening Services, Inc. (CS) and is the background screening product of choice for colleges and universities. Our fully integrated web-based solution provides reliable and secure student background checks, immunization tracking and paperless self-scheduled drug screening.

The Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) guidelines require that students must undergo criminal background checks if required by state law, regulation or hospital policy ( As each hospital or clinical site has its own unique background screening requirements, standard cookie cutter background checks may not meet these requirements, therefore putting your clinical programs at risk.

Does your current background check provider check to see what background screening requirements are set forth by each hospital and clinical site where your students are placed? As your trusted background screening partner, Corporate Screening will work with you and your clinical sites, examining each contract to ensure that all of the necessary clinical and hospital  site background check requirements are included in your program.

Does Your Background Screening Provider Know Each Clinical Site’s Requirements?

Hospitals and clinics each have unique background screening requirements. If you place your students at more than one site, does your background screening provider examine each site’s requirements? If it does not, your program could be at risk.

Corporate Screening partners with schools and their clinical sites to ensure that each student’s background check meets the requirements of the site at which they are placed. It’s just one of the ways we provide our clients with solutions that work.

Cost-Effective and Easy

VerifyStudents provides schools with cost-effective, convenient solutions. Students create their VerifyStudents profile, provide the information required for quick and successful completion of the program, and have the ability to make payment online all within the secure and intuitive VerifyStudents interface. This will save you valuable administrative time.

There is no cost to the school, no set  up fees, no special software to buy or other hidden costs. VerifyStudents is cloud-based so you’ll be able to access information any time, and our professional analysts are happy to answer any questions or concerns. In addition, the easy to use program is convenient for both administrators and students, providing both with a user experience that is second to none.

VerifyStudents offers schools a solution-specific product. And it is backed by Corporate Screening, an NAPBS-accredited company providing background check solutions within the student background screening market. Corporate Screening has been working with schools, clinical sites and students for many years and has significant experience in meeting our clients’ needs.

VerifyStudents provides fast, secure and reliable background checks, immunization tracking and drug screening for students in a variety of disciplines. We are pleased to be the market leader and preferred provider for colleges, universities and healthcare organization nationwide.

VerifyStudents Features and Benefits to Colleges and Universities:

  • No cost to the school, no set up fees, no special software, no costly upgrades and no hidden costs.
  • Student-driven and funded, where students enter their information and payment directly online, thus saving you valuable administrative time.
  • Ease of use and second-to-none user experience for both students and administrators.
  • Schools can monitor the entire program online in “real” time 24/7 and assure compliance with clinical partner requirements.
  • Convenient messaging notifies program administrators when a case is opened and closed.
  • Knowledgeable analysts who encourage contact if you have any comments, questions or concerns.
  • Our process ensures students cannot alter or manipulate the background screening scope of services or results.
  • The fastest, most comprehensive and accurate reports available.