Hospitals and Clinics

VerifyStudents is a product of Corporate Screening Services, Inc., a leading provider of background check services that works with many hospitals and clinics throughout the nation. We understand that each clinical site may have different requirements, and team with schools and clinical sites to ensure that all of the unique and necessary site requirements are included in the student’s reports. Using VerifyStudents ensures that background check reports are comprehensive, accurate and compliant with clinical site standards. And our services are student-funded, which means that there’s no cost to hospitals and clinics.

Secure Reports

Once the background screening report is complete, the student is able to grant the clinical site access to it. The secure process is designed so that only the intended recipient selected by the student can receive the report.


Features and Benefits for Hospitals and Clinical Sites:

  • Background screenings are student-funded, with no cost to the clinical site.
  • Reliable and comprehensive background screening reports provided by Corporate Screening, a trusted partner and leader in healthcare background screening.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Safe and secure report conveyance.
  • Each clinical site’s background check requirements are incorporated in students’ background, ensuring that your clinical program is compliant.

Joint Commission Guidelines on Criminal Background Checks

Hospitals and other clinical sites are well aware that the Joint Commission’s (formerly JCAHO) guidelines, H.R. 1.20, require students to undergo criminal background checks if required by state law, regulation or hospital policy (

Clinical sites can rest assured that VerifiedStudents background checks meet their unique requirements. Our team works with the school and clinical sites, reviewing requirements to ensure compliance. Taking this extra step is just one of the reasons why VerifyStudents is the student background screening product of choice.