Privacy Policy

Corporate Screening Services, Inc. (“CS”) is a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and provides sensitive and confidential information about individuals. This information may include, but is not limited to, full name, previous names used, Social Security Number, date of birth, phone numbers, residential address, credit information, employment history, academic history, and criminal record history. We provide employment screening services only to businesses with a permissible purpose and only after they undergo a vetting process. We release information via telephone, fax, mail and electronically, only to the individual(s) or business(s) that originally requested the service. Under no circumstances will the personal information collected and maintained in our databases ever be sold or provided to an outside entity for any purpose. CS does not use our databases of applicant information to compile mailing lists for sales or any other purpose.

This Privacy Policy covers the information practices of CS and describes the principles CS follows with regard to information submitted by our clients and their applicants and employees, and to other data that we collect from third parties and other sources in connection with the services we provide. These information privacy principles have been implemented by all CS personnel regardless of their location. All data shall be collected, stored and used in compliance with applicable law, which may include the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), individual state background screening and privacy laws, the European Union Data Protection Directive and other national laws.