Paperless Drug Screening

Drug screening is an important part of many student background screening programs. Administration can be a hassle and very time consuming for program managers. VerifyStudents’ self-scheduling drug testing application is a unique and comprehensive solution for schools looking for ways to better manage this program.

When students log in to VerifyStudents, they will be able to quickly locate and schedule their drug screening appointments at an approved collection site that is conveniently located to them. Collection sites are regularly updated in real time, which ensures that the site selected is both open and in-network.


Paperless Drug Screening Features and Benefits:

  • Completely electronic, the paperless drug screening process eliminates the need for disseminating the traditional paper chain of custody document.
  • Program allows schools to set “expiration dates” that require students’ drug tests to be conducted within a designated period of time from their registration date furthering the integrity of the testing process.
  • Error proof, as collection sites are updated in real-time, eliminating the potential for “out of network” fees or closed collection sites.
  • Drug screen results are integrated with background screening report and available online.
  • Students pay for their testing directly through VerifyStudents, eliminating the burden of paying at the collection site or having schools check on payment status.